Dust Extraction

Our commitment to innovation and state-of-the-art equipment ensures FXS continually provide the latest in energy efficient dust extraction solutions, resulting in optimal LEV system performance. Any process where a potentially harmful hazardous fume or particulate is produced requires an effective filtration system. The filtration system separates the contaminants from the air stream before the cleaned air is discharged to atmosphere or returned back into the workplace through the appropriate classification of filter media.  

Explore our range of innovative equipment, benefit from our industry knowledge, and experience our customer-centric approach to unlock the full potential of dust extraction system design, and equipment for your industry applications.

At FXS we can offer a comprehensive appraisal of your process and if applicable current system.  Then through our many year of experience  working with global leaders in air filtration and particulate separation, we will design a bespoke extraction system to suite your application and budget.


At FXS we design and install bespoke extraction systems, partnering industry leading manufacturers of fume extraction equipment, selected to meet the demands of the client’s particular application.



  • Joinery & Carpentry workshops
  • Furniture manufacturers
  • Education & training facilities
  • Saw mills
  • Timber merchants
  • Marine & offshore
  • Pulp & paper
  • Food & Beverage
  • Animal Feeds
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical.
  • Aggregate



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Key Considerations

When looking to replace, implement or upgrade any fume extraction system Include:

  • The health & wellbeing of all employees.
  • Provide improved workplace safety and working environment.
  • Compliance with current regulations.
  • Lower operational costs provided by investment in energy efficient extraction systems.

To ensure your system complies with current COSHH regulations and HSE LEV Guidance (HSG258). FXS can arrange a free onsite appraisal of your current process. Our experienced engineers can advise on effective improvements to current systems or guide you through the procurement of new LEV systems and equipment, capable of delivering the required level of control.